For the Faithful (ft. Sol Patches and J Sax)

by Adam Gottlieb ft. Sol Patches and J Sax

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"Remember... all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more. "
- Morpheus, "The Matrix"

Many thanks to Sol Patches and J Sax for uploading your brilliance into this song.


[Adam Gottlieb]

wish i didn’t have to wait to wait like this
holdin my breath for a global metamorphosis
but i do / work day by day /
pushin through this stage / makin music patiently /
it takes faith, you see / but i know i’m makin ripples
like a lake, you see / so i go creatin riddles
like a camel / a mammal / that don’t fit thru a needle’s
I dabble / in scrabble / and revolvers like the Beatles / HA!
wish i didn’t have to write like this
invokin a code of the flow of the soul to erode evil slowly /
but i know that there were many before me
who were born into scorn and were therefore forced to add more to the story /
movin like a moon through lunar eclipses /
keepin our eyes up on the skies where all the stories are written /
keepin our feet upon the ground here in the story below em /
every day another line to this here glorious poem

A fable
For the faithful –
Will we be able to wake up?
And take our
True place, Oh,
I pray for the day…

uh / now I think I’m Neo /
fight for justice / free my people! /
we woke up when they didn’t care /
when we Occupied and their kids weren’t there /
so i went down the rabbit hole / started finding answers / old
books / old faces / new ideas / new facts / now i’m
leapin / right across history and i’m /
breathin air like it’s there for the first time /
and i’m seekin other teachers on the path / who are
speakin with humanity and dealin with the facts /
usin musical mantras to do what they have always done /
soothe us with a promise only harmony can offer us:
nature nurtures / the aim is liberation /
sacred texts all say the same thing /
dialectics / meaning within meaning /
i believe reality is real without my believing it

A fable
For the faithful –
Will we be able to wake up?
And take our
True place, Oh,
I pray for the day…

[bridge - Saxophone by J Sax]

[Sol Patches]

fable for the sleep / burnin n breathin
inherently learnin to keep itself alive / a matrix in your mind /
if you believe what you believe you will never reprieve /
that's why i pivot on everything that i know /
cuz nothing can be vivid when you focus on one image
you envision and limits occupying your brain wave premise / preservation of your metadata implementation by authority figures /
to track and predict our souls' restoration /
damages of the colonial state of mine / keeps you tied / racin /
that's why i gotta keep livin / cuz every day is new /
i gotta keep givin / beyond what i know /
so we can grow / won't be free until the last become the first

A fable
For the faithful –
Will we be able to wake up?
And take our
True place, Oh,
I pray for the day…



released December 7, 2016
Adam Gottlieb: production, vocals, flute
Sol Patches: vocals
J Sax: tenor saxophone


all rights reserved



Adam Gottlieb & OneLove Chicago, Illinois

Adam Gottlieb & OneLove weave together strands of Folk, Funk, Blues, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz and more. With songs directly inspired by the gathering movement for a new world, we offer our songs as a contribution to the soundtrack of our revolution.

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