All Of You

by Adam Gottlieb & OneLove

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    releases September 30, 2020

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Under the Viaduct
Waterfall Blues
heart beat you can’t kill the heartbeat it’s startin to beat ya, it’ll start to teach ya, yea, you can’t kill the heartbeat the art, or freedom, the art of freedom, yea, you can’t kill the heartbeat the harder you beat us, the more that you feed us, yea, you can’t kill the heart beat the star keeps beamin, the heart keeps beatin, yea never has a tyrant entirely silenced his defiance nor a line of riot cops in time overrided the riots never has revival of genocidal ideas triumphed long enough, right, to quiet all of the fighters though they’ve always tried even after years and centuries of treaties proven hollow Wounded Knee and DAPL, see the Sioux uphold laws you don’t follow even after Jackson, slave-catchers, Alabama, Laquan McDonald, Watts, Holocausts, and Ayotzinapa, you can’t stop Hip Hop, no! definitely not in any of my favorite spots in Chicago in the city of John Vietnam, Haymarket Martyrs, DuSable, every minute that I’m still breathin, best believe I’ma be following where the wind blows, heart still beatin, feelin the flow of the Tao.. Oh, you can’t kill the heartbeat it’s startin to beat ya, it’ll start to teach ya, yea, you can’t kill the heartbeat the art, or freedom, the art of freedom, yea, you can’t kill the heartbeat the harder you beat us, the more that you feed us, yea, you can’t kill the heart beat the star keeps beamin, the heart keeps beatin, yea [LO Kari] Have you ever been hated? Conversation / Know your color / At this rate we're chasin / Truth and light / but would leave your brother / What more is to life? I can't seem to shake this feelin What's wrong is right I'd rather focus on winning Cuz every time I turn on the news It's back to back to back that my people dyin And it's a shame we pretend like Every thing is fine and / And what good is a lion If they cut off your feet as a cub? I do not fuck with your hugs How can I trust you after all the things you've done To people who look like us? [Crowd] you can’t kill the heartbeat, (Get up, stand up!) you can’t kill the heartbeat, (Stand up for your rights!) you can’t kill the heartbeat, (Get up, stand up!) you can’t kill the heartbeat, (Don't give up the fight!) of Mama Nature, Mama Mama Nature, (Cuz I never give up the fight!) of Mama Nature, of Mama Nature! (Cuz I never give up the fight...) * * *
Ode (To All of You)
On the Brink
Who Will Stand
Water is Life (ft. El La Katrina and Diana Zwinak)
(We Need) PEACE! my people at war but they don’t even know it so the poet’s got some more to say this is a propaganda battle comin for your brain cuz that’s the war terrain, we bout to storm it, rain, cuz the perfect slavery’s chainless / the perfect traitor is blameless the perfect racist ain’t hatred / it’s mind enslavement: the matrix oppression came with and stays in the USA’s DNA we gotta name it to change it but corporations are faceless we gotta wake up the nation / mental emancipation collective poeducation / infectious loving vibration we need a visualization of life with no exploitation human communication / we’re talkin real reparations! We need PEACE! What’s that? That’s a lot to ask when every piece of our society’s a robbery act, where violence is the normal way of life, a common fact, and then on top of that, our nature’s not in tact, we want PEACE! What’s peace? Just a lack of war? but what’s that even mean when we know what that’s actually for is just to capture more, get a high capital score, so the elite keep getting richer while they tax the poor, Hey, ain’t THAT the War? Cuz that’s the bigger violence. and isn’t the one biggest war the bigger silence while they spout their lies to keep us all reliant, they keep closing public schools, that’s more massive firings, That’s WAR. And war is when there’s folks on the street, on every block holdin a cup cuz they got nothing to eat when there are women, children lyin, dyin, tryin to sleep when people keep gettin beat, locked up and killed by police, we need PEACE! I mean we need a whole new game where everybody gets to eat and gets a home to stay in, we can finally distribute water, clothes, education, health care and make these basic needs society’s basis, that’s PEACE, we’re talking Revolution now, cuz that seems to be the one solution, how else are we gonna feed the people who computers ousted from their food and housing, are we human now? We want PEACE! That means we need justice too, that means democracy for everyone not just a few, so we can turn our selfish culture into something new I wonder could you trust in me, if I could trust in you? cuz that’s PEACE, and that’s the overwhelming need, not just lack of war but actually a mental leap to finally becoming that which we were meant to be we’re talking death and rebirth, you best believe, we need PEACE! Yea / We want PEACE! Yea / We need PEACE! Yea / We seek PEACE! Yea / We breathe PEACE! Yea / We are PEACE! PEACE! PEACE! PEACE! PEACE!
After Capitalism


We make music for the movement: songs inspired by the growing social response to the revolutionary times we are living through, meant to inspire those who are in the struggles to secure such basic human rights as housing, food, healthcare, clean water, a livable planet, education, and peace and justice in our communities, as well as from the police/justice system, etc.

We believe all of us who are struggling are in one way or another fighting for a new world where peace is the reality of our lives, where there will be no need for poverty, hunger, pollution, prisons or police. We believe such a world is not only possible, but necessary. And we believe music is playing an important role in gathering, galvanizing and inspiring this movement, as it always has.

"All of You," is our first full album - an epically ambitious project that has truly been a creation not just of our band, but of the many voices and visions of ordinary people in the movement who have inspired the songs: "all of you." The project is our musical ode to that movement: the ongoing struggle for social justice, human dignity, and survival of the planet. As the songwriter and leader of the project, Adam tells the story of our times from his own perspective: a young man from Chicago who is rooted in where he comes from, and is wrestling with what it means to be a person of conscience in America today, while championing a revolutionary vision that encompasses the whole world.

We describe our music generally as "Folk/Hop Fusion" because there is no single genre that accurately summarizes the blending of musical styles that define our sound. While our debut EP, "Cicada Season," promised an eclectic repertoire with five songs that blended Acoustic Folk-Rock with Chicago Blues, Reggae, and Pop overtones, "All Of You" represents a clear expansion on that basic sound while remaining grounded in the same musical roots.

This 12-song LP showcases a much wider range of the styles that OneLove blends, including Hip Hop, Funk, and even a touch of Ska at the end! The variety of featured instruments - and particularly the addition of live horns on over half of the songs - not only adds fun, but also marks a definite level-up in the fullness and sophistication of our arrangements. Intentional collaborations with powerful featured guest artists LO Kari, El La Katrina, and Diana Zwinak add new layers of meaning to the songs, and make the messages come through even more powerfully. Finally, the use of sound design elements to weave into the musical journey a significant collection of audio samples from interviews and street actions further brings the movement to life within the songs, and adds meaning to the overall concept of the album.

The title of the album applies to both the individual and collective: on the individual level, life demands that you show up with your whole self, with all of YOU. This is especially true about the crisis we are living through in these times. And on the collective level, it will take ALL of us to completely transform the world from the old society to the new one: to create a world where all of us can truly be all of who we truly are. So that's who the album is for, and who the fight itself is for: "All of You."

The band has been working on the earliest songs from the very first practice it ever had, in the summer of 2014. So in a sense, this album has been over four years in the making. We began the recording process in early February of 2018, and began the mixing/mastering phase in earnest in December of that year. The early phase of the project was partially funded by a City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) Individual Artist Program Grant (IAP Grant) of $2500, and the final phase of the project was partially funded by a crowd-funding campaign that raised almost $5,000. The use of both public grant money and crowd-sourced funds in the creation of this album also feels appropriate to the overall spirit of the project.


releases September 30, 2020

Produced by Anthony Beck of Audio Warrior Productions
All songs written and arranged by Adam Gottlieb © 2018

Musician Credits:
Adam Gottlieb: vocals, guitars, flute, percussion
Noah Silver-Mathews: bass
Tony Mest: drums, percussion
Amanda Suckow: violin, mandolin, vocals
Jed Lickerman: vocals
Anthony Beck: guitars
LO Kari: vocals, keys
Diana Zwinak: spoken word [poem: "My (Ghost) Town"]
El La Katrina: spoken word/vocals
Evan Jacobson: Trombone
Roy McGrath: Tenor Saxophone
Constantine Alexander: Trumpet
Crowd Vocals: Aimee Bass, Loren Phillips, Patrick Baranovskis, Gabi Gomez, Ben Bonkoske, Izzie Graves, Diana Zwinak, Amanda Suckow, Chimali, Itzi, Coqui, Tlalli

Special thanks to all who shared their voices and visions! Audio samples include interviews, testimonies, and recorded audio clips from the following people (in order): Marcus Mitchell, Jennifer Pagan, Sol Patches, Kylo Prince, Diana Berek, Lew Rosenbaum, Camille, Abdul, Keith Gini, Ethan Viets-Vanlear [poem: "Shut it Down"], Damon Williams, Sarah Gottlieb, Mallory Conzelman, Emy Lee, Brett Jelinek, Andy Willis, Amara Enyia, Nefertiti Jackson, Loren Phillips, Kazoo

Also very special thanks - and a deep bow - to Shinobu Sato, for years of patient, expert musical guidance and assistance on the arrangements of the songs. As well to Louise Cloutier, who coached and coaxed out of me my truest voice in the period of my life during which most of these songs were written.

Album artwork by Brett Jelinek, Sarah-Ji Rhee, and Adam Gottlieb (with help from Diana Zwinak and Emily Gottlieb)

Physical CD duplications by Liam McDonald, aka OPLIAM.


all rights reserved



Adam Gottlieb & OneLove Chicago, Illinois

Adam Gottlieb & OneLove weave together strands of Folk, Funk, Blues, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz and more. With songs directly inspired by the gathering movement for a new world, we offer our songs as a contribution to the soundtrack of our revolution.

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